At Home with the Ludskis no.14 the Supernormal edition * 7th of August at Supernormal Festival

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Following on from Wysing festival last year


the Ludskis hit the road again and are heading for a field in Oxfordshire!

Curating Artist’s film, performance and music at the SUPERNORMAL Festival.

Event details here

Here’s what happened last time…

Something old something new something borrowed something blue…

Curated by Peggy Ludski







An Interview with Granny Ludski #AtHomeWithTheLudskis

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If you have any questions or comments or just want me to look at a link, get in touch.


Many thanks – here are my questions – it would be really great to have your responses to all or any of them! If possible, it would be good to have any answers sometime tomorrow (Thursday) – sorry for the short notice! Thanks again!

Who are the Ludskis?

The Ludskis are my pretend family of Artists and performers and technicians. We take over the Rio Cinema for a night every three months and invite those interested in Artist’s moving image and Performance for a drink or two.

How were the Ludski events born and what made you want to help organise them?

I wanted to see Artists moving image work on the big screen And I wanted to give a platform to all the constituent elements that go in to making a film: script, sound, performance and even hair and make-up. I wanted to bring all art forms together at one time like a film does.

What does Clara Ludski, and her legacy, mean to you?

As her granddaughter I am her legacy!

Do you think the Rio is haunted by the ghost of Clara Ludski?

I think there is the ghost cat!  And people talk of an evil malevolent presence; they say is the ghost of an old projectionist!

What does the Rio cinema mean to you personally?

I see it as a sacred site dedicated to the moving image for over 100 years. It is a pagan temple to moving image, where people can come to commune and have a shared experience in contrast to our increasingly atomized society.

I hope there is always a temple to moving image on this site. It is also in the heart of a very creative district and hope to reflect that rather than just showing the productions of big corporations and American imports.

Could “At Home with the Ludskis” ever happen anywhere else?

Yes. But the cinema is ideal because it has the entire infrastructure I need. A projector, screen, and stage as well as comfortable seating and a late night bar!

Who’s on the team behind the events?

Most of the work currently falls to my assistant Gary O’Dwyer, who is an artist and curator based in Hackney.

How do you choose the films/performers featured?

The best I can find. Either classic works from Artists, or works from people who may be making the classics of the future. I prefer not to survey the scene or even have a theme. I’m looking for truly anarchic, challenging, individual, exuberant, humanist and original work.

What’s been your favorite Ludski moment from everything that’s happened at the events since they’ve been running?

There are many. The havoc when we sold out it! Amazing Butoh dancer Kei Ishikawa; Falsetto opera singer Ernesto Tomisni; People running screaming from the toilets due to Brian Lobel’s performance, ‘Safe Sex’. BADFOOD immersive musical installation in the basement. Turkish musicians who just turned up and started jamming in the foyer. Moreno Solinas’ singing butt. Loulou Reloulou’s fashion-performance; Flange Zoo leading a parade from the station. Trixie Malixie playing the bricks. Yumi Hara Cawkwell & Guy Harries on stage and Bother tied together selling programmes

Recent Ludksi events seem to have moved away from what was almost Punchdrunk-style site-specific immersive theatre happening across the whole Rio building to being more like small film festivals located solely in the main cinema room. Is this shift deliberate, and are there any plans to move back to the original way of doing things?

It depends on the nature of the Artists I find, and who is available. I don’t want to put something in the basement I don’t rate highly just for the sake of it.

Can you give any details of the next event – eg. date, theme, how it’s going to be bigger and more elaborate as I think was mentioned by you at the last event?

A Fine Art performance extravaganza indeed. Im on the the look out for Artists working in any medium to submit proposals. Contact me, Granny Ludski x

Watch this screen!


TONIGHT – Edition 11 of At Home with the Ludskis – Twisted Sister

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curated by Granny Ludski

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters. A bitch gotta earn a living… The Bitch got Balls. And then there’s you! Bitches be twisted. Getting all up in my grill! Fuck you and the dick you rode in on! Wrong. Getting it all wrong. Hurt my feelings. Make me wanna kill. Or get off! What do Bithches want ? Everything!

Prog Ludski mar 14

Thanks to For their kind support and encouragement Granny Ludski thanks all the Artists for donating time, resources and support for the realisation of this 11th Edition. Camille, Sue Frumin, Kendell, Qila, Matt Humphrey, house of o’dwyer & F.O.H staff at Rio

Thanks to our sponsors: Arts Council of England – Rio Cinema –

Lost treasures retrieved. New work Premiered. Image in motion.

Artists screening, performance, installation, happening, private view, after party, in a coconut shell.

‘Like a Talent show in a mental institution’ – Pat Grim

Twisted Sister Edition: At Home with the Ludskis no 11 @RioCinema Sat 1st March

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ludski flyer march 2014 sm

Granny Ludski invites you to be:

At Home with the Ludskis (No. 11)

the Twisted Sister Edition

screening of Artists film & live performance & more

image missa blue
11.30 pm – 2.00 am / £6.50 / After party till late.Late Night Cross Platform
Multi Disciplinary Art Happening with focus on moving image, the bigscreen and

RIO Cinema, 107 Kingsland High St. Dalston, London, E8 2PB

Saturday 1st March 2014 – 11.30 pm – 2.00 am / £6.50

Late Night Cross Platform Multi Disciplinary Art Happening with focus on

moving image, the big screen and performance.

‘Expect a totally surreal, totally bonkers happening across a variety of

artistic platforms.’ Time Out

Curated by Granny Ludski‘Brilliant! Such an incredible use of the cinema!
Amazing atmosphere,amazing happenings – loved seeing the Rio filled
with wildness.’Charlie Phillips, Sheffield Doc FestIs it impossible, Curator Granny
Ludski asked herself, to bring togetherartists working in many different disciplines,
into one place, for one moment, to produce a meta-happening? A true
cross/multi disciplinary approach to Art and exhibiton making is totally absent
from the British Art scene. Granny Ludski smashes boundaries and avoids the herd
to bring work as varied and complex as the audience and the world itself.
‘An intriguing event that smashes pigeonholes with risky ideas.
If there’snofuture for that,  there’s no future for anything.’
 – Alex Chappel
The saturated landscape of art, installations, performance and even fashion
in the East London makes it easy to be dismissive, yet there’s somethingabout the Ludskis that suggests it should be taken a little more seriouslythan the rest.
The avant-garde late night exhibition combines a number of mediums –
from screenings to live music – and celebrates the rich history of the Dalston
Rio’s roots in Modernism. It might just be something people will be talking
about for a while…’       Thrill City London
‘…from dada to data to grandma the beat goes on…’
t: +44 7425 14472
Notes to EditorsHistory >>> the Ludskis return to the Beautiful Art Deco, Rio Cinema,in the very beating heart of the London Scene to produce a unique exhibition/screening/ happening in their ongoing tribute to Clara Ludski, a Russianimmigrant who in 1909 founded the KINGSLAND PALACE, the first electric picturehouse on the site on which the Rio Cinema now stands.This pagan temple is a shrine to our collective Dreams, Fears, Loves, Madness andcodes of Honour. Like traditional hallowed places of worship and communion theyimpart to us a message about how we once lived and how we might live.

Bored and drained by bogus exhibitions and the banal moving image screenings of

cinema and gallery, Granny Ludski wanted something more vital, with quality, depth

and imagination. We found ourselves in direct conflict with the academic tropes and

scholastic didacticism of Art Academy, Gallery, Museum and Biennale. This led to the

creation of ‘At Home with the Ludskis’ and the production of a late night exhibition/

screening/ happening with as wide a range of artists from different fields, providing,

eerie installation, seductive performance, startling moving image, surreal


All the Art Forms that Cinema relies on will Be There!

Supported by:
Arts Council England
Rio Cinema
Happy Ending Productions
The Centre of Attention

granny ludski crop

Arts Council logo
facebook twitter vimeo wordpress
©2013 At Home with the Ludskis | 16 Clapton Terrace, Hackney, London, E5 9BW, UK.

for your diary: 1st March at the Rio Cinema Hackney

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Expect a totally surreal, totally bonkers happening across a variety of artistic platforms.’    Time Out

At Home with the Ludskis No.11 Twisted Sister Edition

Totally unique late night programme of live music, performance, Artists films & dance. Curated by Granny Ludski.

image missa blue

Missa Blue

‘The aim has been to bring all Art forms together for one night of disorientation, stimulation and intoxication of the senses leaving you blind with pleasure.’

Self-styled ambassador of Art Granny Ludski, searches high and low, here and there, near and far for work with a difference and brings it back to the hallowed precincts of the Rio Cinema for a late night screening extravaganza.

Granny Ludski by CofAIf you want to join the mailing list or have great Art ideas contact Granny on or DM her @GrannyLudski.

‘The saturated landscape of art, installations, performance and even fashion in the East London makes it easy to be dismissive, yet there’s something about the Ludskis that suggests it should be taken a little more seriously than the rest. The avant-garde late night exhibition combines a number of mediums – from screenings to live music – and celebrates the rich history of the Dalston Rio’s roots in Modernism. It might just be something people will be talking about for a while…’    Thrill City London

Late Night at the Rio anything could happen! Granny Ludski returns, with her unique programme of Artists films, musicianship, performance and more in an attempt to bring together all the arts to stimulate, display and entertain even.

A truly alternative happening at this Dalston cinema space which provides ‘plastic art, installation, live music, popcorn, intervention, painting, total art, post-contemporary, exhibition, screening, live performance’ and more in tribute to Kingsland Palace founder (Dalston’s first electric picture house on the site where the Rio now stands) Clara Ludski. 

‘… From Dada to Grandma the beat goes on…’

programme from Janurary 2012 –

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to see and or print out old Programmes for At Home with the Ludskis at the Rio Cinema, Hackney, London



for the amazing Janurary Programme


for the fantastic May Programme


the wonderful July Programme

the midnight may parade + review

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fine art /cabaret !

check out the review:

and also the first steps of the Midnight May Parade led by Bother and Flange Zoo

Right up the Kingsland High st. from Dalston Junction to Rio Cinema



deadline in two weeks!

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press attention

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FAO:  press, journalists, writers, critics, curators, agents, gallerists, artists

STOP PRESS… AVANT GARDE late night happening…


You are invited to:

At Home with the Ludskis:

May Parade (#4 Edition)’

VENUE: Rio Cinema, 107 Kingsland High Street, Hackney, London, E8 2PB, UK.

DATE:  Saturday 12th May, 2012, 11.30pm – 2.30am





t: +44 7425 14472

At Home with the Ludskis

Rio Cinema, 107 Kingsland High Street, London,

E8 2PB, UK.

‘Please join us for the 4th Edition of our unique, Avant Garde, plastic art, installation, live music, popcorn, intervention, painting, Total art, Post-contemporary, exhibition, screening, live performance, after party happening. Expect the transcendent! Late bar till 2.30am’

Granny Ludski, Exhibition-maker

Be in no doubt, this is a major new addition to the exhibition landscape of East London, if not the world, continues. This is not just another gallery!

‘Your event looks lovely!’ Annie Sprinkle

‘FAB event’ Divine David

‘I am inimitable!’ Granny Ludski

‘A truly alternative happening at this Dalston cinema space’ Time Out

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Last Night

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At Home with the Ludskis (#3) The Winter Garden Edition

Thanks to everyone who made it what it was: Amazing!








unknown woman!





The Beast by HANNA RUBIN








Dom Ludski










Angel Rose & Josh Quinton




Sing-a-long-a-GRANNY LUDSKI






Granny Ludski


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