A few words from Curator Granny Ludski, before her happening/ event this week at Rio Cinema in Dalston London E8

July 23, 2013 § 1 Comment

I am a curator
the Mother of the C-generation
Ich bin ein Kurator
I am Granny Ludski
Listen up! As a Curator who sees curating as Art, I have dedicatied, no, devoted myself to curate / programme / produce / fabulate my unique contribution to the International Art World:
‘At Home with the Ludskis’
This is an exhibition/ event / screening / opening / happening /evening made up of between 20-30 Artists work including film, performance, music, installation, plastic art & so much more. The Art and content for my Ludski Nite is different each time creating a unreapetable  experience for the viewer. To this end I have set myself to scour the surface of this planet, looking, listening, seeking, thinking …
     Im looking for the most interesting, experimental work /ideas/ gestures being attempted/ created, past/ present. This includes experimental video (Cory Arcangel), Avant garde film (Merideth Monk, Kenneth Anger), live performance & films of dance (Charlie George, Moreno Solinas, Butoph), Opera (Ernesto Tomasini, Luci Briginshaw), music (Quilla Constance, Winnie the Pouf), fashion (Loulou Reloulou, Hannah Rubin), multi-media (Season Butler), painting (house of o’dwyer), photography (Leland Bobbe), installation (Rorschach), poetry (Ernesto Sarzale, Joelle Taylor), fire breathing… and even mime!
  I am on an unending quest, searching for ANY interesting Art from ANY field, ANYwhere in the world.
I believe Art doesn’t have to be solemn to be serious! Important doesn’t have to be self regarding! Ideas ARE pleasure! Educating don’t need to be didactic! Art is not always the opposite of entertainment!
I dare to mix contemporary with older, and works that may have increasing significance as the cultural dynamic evolves and that people may never have seen on the big screen and with company.
‘from DADA to Grandma the beat goes on…’
On a Ludski nite the viewer may explore the Cinema building before the screening and perfromances or / and during. They can remain seated or not. They can re-explore if my play-list does not appeal. But I try to follow my friend Baldessari’s dictum:
‘No more boring Art’
I aim for the screening / happening / event  to act as a catylist to further exploration of multi-platfrom ideas, mixed media manifestations and cochinielle hot collaborations.
I insist on creating unique Art experiences, where your presence is required to for the happening around you to unfold. You have to be present. It will happen only once!
I desire to break down the barriers between different art disciplines and enhance the experience and production of art.
The last April Ludski night – HippyStan edition:
Come to the Rio CInema in London’s East End (Daslton E8, Kingsland High St.)
Next Ludski night – Voyage & Return edition:

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