all you talented artists out there come join Granny Ludski’s art club !

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thank you to all the artists and staff who helped realise the last

At Home with the Ludskis #6 Meat Poppet Masquerade

at the Rio Cinema. Thanks to Scala Beyond too. Here are some photos and documentation just in case you missed it…

it was a good one


at home with the Ludskis this Saturday at Rio Cinema Hackney

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edition #6 meat poppet masquerade


Guy Maddin

Alan Clarke

Alma Harel

Leland Bobbe

Yumi Hara Cawkwell & Guy Harries

France Dubois

The Rack

Season Butler

House of O’Dwyer

Joanna McCormick

Jude Cowan Montague

Loulou Reloulou

Joshua Raffell

Mikey Woodbridge

… feel free to share with your talented friends

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programme from Janurary 2012 –

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to see and or print out old Programmes for At Home with the Ludskis at the Rio Cinema, Hackney, London



for the amazing Janurary Programme


for the fantastic May Programme


the wonderful July Programme

things to check out

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Last days to have work considered for  sept 22 nd show of At Home with the Ludskis at the Rio Cinema in Hackney

all art forms considered

send links to


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