If you do one late night exhibition this year…

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Run Riot Says:



Thrill City Says:

The saturated landscape of art, installations, performance and even fashion in the East London makes it easy to be dismissive, yet there’s something about the Ludskis May Parade the suggests it should be taken a little more seriously than the rest. Now in its 4th year, the avant-garde late night exhibition combines a number of mediums – from screenings to live music- and celebrates the rich history of the Dalston Rio’s roots in Modernism. It might just be something people will be talking about for a while…



Time Out Says:

‘The surrealist-inspired soirée curated by Granny Ludski transforms the Rio into an arty party of performance, politics and provocative pose-striking – and with Alexander Geist (aka La JohnJoseph), Stav B, Patti Plinko, Miss Annabel Sings and Ernesto Tomasini on hand, it should be provocative indeed.’



Check out the line up for my next Happening May 12th at Londons Rio Cinema

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At Home With The Ludskis – Art Performance Film Happening at the Rio Cinema

Patti Plinko & Ernesto Tomasini – live
Chris Newby
Isadore Isou
Miss Annabel Sings with Marc Dall & Callum Main – live
Eva + Franco Mattes
Alexander Geist – live
The Centre of Attention
Bother – live
Paul Wright
Stav B – live
Wendy Bevan
Linnea Hansander with Olga Henriksson – live
Raga Woods – live
Future Sound of Clapton: Comadisco
Sue Frumin – live
Leo Park – live
English Heretic – live
Mysterium – live
Graham Dunning + Ingrid Plum – live
Yumi Hara Cawkwell + Guy Harries – live
Bart Barton
Flange Zoo – live
Catia Sousa
House of O’Dwyer
Angel Rose + Josh Quinton…

with Parade for May from Dalston Junction Station to Rio Cinema


The whole thing will be like nothing else you have experienced… see you on May 12th x



artist for the week no.6

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wendy bevan




Radio Ludski No 2

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Have a listen to what the Ludskis have been up to recently with

Radio Ludski No.2

Presented by me, Granny, and Dom Ludski with the help of Emie and Gary Ludski reporting from the Radio Launch with Cátia Sousa, Bother, Sue Frumin and The Nked Poet and scottish rapper Mikey Krumins.

It features music and sounds by Ernesto Tomasini, Stav B (excerpt of Push it, Raise it, Higher and Harder), The Nked Poet, Mikey Krumins, Alexander Geist (Bad Language), Angel Rose (Ritual 1) and Dom Ludski (Sonic Camera #23 The Forbidden Reproduction by Renee McGreet and #22 Red Quadrant by Kazimir Malevich).

Drop me an email – theludskis (a) gmail.com – if you wish to be involved in episode No 3. XX

artist for the week no.5

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