Granny Ludski’s Hearing Aid

March 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Granny Ludski’s Hearing Aid, aka Radio Ludski.
For artists, by artists, promoting artists

Episode No 1, now available here.

Presented by me, Granny Ludski with the help of my little Ludskis and collaborating artists Cátia Sousa, Calum F. Kerr and Lewis Burton.

Featuring music and sound by Bother (I Lobster Thermadore You), Quilla Constance (Snow Daddy), Raga Woods (She-lala of the Divine Gliteris Gig), Calum F. Kerr (R-I-O Bravo), Hanna Rubin (The Beast), Plaza (Audio Guide) and various clips from my Granny Cam, including our radio veteran Mary Epworth!

Radio Ludski No 2 is almost completed, so watch this space and give me a shout if you wish to be involved in episode No 3. XX


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