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You are invited to:

At Home with the LudskisWinter Garden Edition (#3)’

VENUE: Rio Cinema,

107 Kingsland High Street, Hackney, London, E8 2PB, UK.

DATE:  Saturday 14th January, 2012, 11.30pm – 3.00am




t: +44 7425 14472

At Home with the Ludskis, Unit 5, 2 Millers Terrace, London, E8 2DP, UK.

Online Booking

London Short Film Festival

‘Please join me for the 3rd Edition of my unique, Avant Garde, plastic art, installation, live music, popcorn, intervention, painting, Total art, Post-contemporary, exhibition, screening, live performance, after party happening. Expect the transcendent! Late bar till 2.30am’

Granny Ludski, Exhibition-maker

Be in no doubt, the debut of a major new addition to the exhibition landscape of East London, if not the world, continues. This is not just another gallery!

This Edition (#3) will be part of the 9th London Short Film Festival.

‘Your event looks lovely!’ Annie Sprinkle

‘FAB event’ Divine David

‘I am inimitable!’ Granny Ludski

 The Artists ‘At Home with the Ludskis’– Winter Garden Edition (#3):  

Anne Pigalle – Harriet Fleuriot – Andy Warhol – The House of O’Dwyer – Dusty Limits – Dalston Underground Studios – Mary Epworth – Ernesto Sarezale – Sue Frumin – Granny Ludski – Future Sound of Clapton: Comadisco – Hanna Rubin – Cátia Sousa – And more

Exhibition-maker Granny Ludski had understood that, a true cross multi disciplinary approach to art and exhibition making/curating was totally absent from the British Art scene.

Is it impossible, Granny Ludski asked herself, to bring together artists working in many different disciplines together, into one place, for one moment, to produce a meta-happening?

Why should it be? As such Granny Ludski and her team are embarked on a constantly scouring of all disciplines of art and creativity, to bring you an art experience that is unpredictable and like nothing else you could experience.

To set an example, Granny Ludski herself will make her first public appearance ‘At Home With The Ludskis’ by introducing her vision and performing her own special talents.

‘From dada to grandma the beat goes on…’  the Ludskis

Further notes to editors

The Ludskis have returned to The Rio, this old, haunted, Art Deco cinema space, in the very beating heart of the art scene, to produce this unique exhibition event as a tribute to Clara Ludski.

In 1909 a Russian immigrant, Clara Ludski, founded the Kingsland Palace. This was the first electric picture house on the site on which the Rio Cinema now stands in all its distinctive Art Deco glory.

Cinemas of this age and architectural distinction exist as rare hangovers from the MODERNIST era. These pagan temples house our Dreams, our Fears, our Love, our Madness as well as our codes of Honour. Like traditional hallowed places of worship and communion they impart to us a message about how we once lived and how we should live in the future.

‘At Home with the Ludskis’ breaks away from the traditional art exhibition and the typical cinema going experience, to create something startling and thought provoking. It pushes aside the mundane as it embraces the post contemporary with passion, reminding us that Art changes the World.

Ludskis or Nudniks you decide?

  The Ludskis were bored and drained by bogus exhibitions and the banal moving image screenings of cinema and gallery. Forcing people to stand and watch tedious videos seemed mean spirited. We wanted something more vital, with quality, depth and imagination. We found ourselves in direct conflict with the academic style and scholastic didacticism of Art Academy, Gallery, Museum and Biennale… This led ‘At Home with the Ludskis’ to make a curation of a late night exhibition event in the old haunted cinema in Dalston, Hackney. With a wide range of artists from different fields, providing startling moving image, surreal musicianship, eerie installation, seductive performance, ‘At home with the Ludskis’ will be a truly unique art event.

All Art Forms Will Be There!

‘At Home with the Ludskis’ has an ongoing open submission policy and operate an innovative profit share scheme. So support artists directly and BOOK NOW!

The Ludskis’ is an anonymous curatorial team, fronted by Granny Ludski (the Colonel Sanders of the Art World) based in Shacklewell London, UK.

At Home with the Ludskis’ – Winter Garden Edition (#3).

Artists’ biographies:

At Home With The Ludskis will see a special performance by Anne Pigalle, the last chanteuse, who has been the voice and the face of Chic Bohemia, worked with luminaries and influenced the music and fashion scene of today. She is the ultimate original and remains a mysterious character. We know for sure that, upon her return to England, she has mastered her craft as a multi media artist, and been apointed an honorary member by the College of Pataphysics.

“In the 80’s, Pigalle was asked to play the gamine, but these days, she is too challenging and too versatile an artist for that. Now a painter, photographer and poet, she performs as a kind of anti-chanteuse, offering wilfully uncomftable cabaret. L’ âmérotique examines the difference between erotica and pornography with a mix of electronica and twisted ballads. Sometimes as chilly as Iggy’s Fall in love with me, while Entrez dans la danse seems to both embrace and mock Francophilia.” CHRIS ROBERTS – UNCUT MAGAZINE

“Moody, magnificent, and with a stunning range, Anne Pigalle’s shows transport you to a world of gorgeous sensuality and vanished times. Breathtakingly good.” CHRIS SALEWICZ

“Now the release of L’Amérotica confirms Anne Pigalle as one of our best and most important talents, throughout Anne’s vocals are nothing other than superb.” ” Anne Pigalle, follows up the recent release of her brilliant album, L’Amerotica, with L’âme érotique, a selection of twenty-one erotically charged poems, each with their own musical accompaniment. The poems deal with love, sex, and soul. It’s a fabulous oeuvre, and range from the personal (“You Give Me Asthma”, “Lunch”) through the comic and the Surreal to the sexually explicit (“Saint Orgasm”, “X Amount” and “Erotica de toi”). Throughout is Anne Pigalle’s richly seductive voice that sounds intimate enough to kiss. It’s a fabulous mix, and for fans of the legendary Miss Pigalle, it is a must-have. For first timers, it’s a breathless, arousing and unforgettable introduction.” PAUL GALLAGHER – Dangerous minds.

Harriet Fleuriot is an award-winning filmmaker and performance artist, with specialist experience in online marketing & communication.
Her films have been shown at numerous international film festivals. She has also shown video work at Latitude Festival, the Big Chill Festival, Illuminate Bristol, Hackney Wicked, 2nd Birthday’s Sideshow exhibition and performed live at the Chelsea Arts Club, 93 Feet East on Brick Lane (London) and Liquid Studios in Hackney Wick.

Dusty Limits aka Dorian Black is one of the most noted figures on the ‘new cabaret’ scene, and was described by Time Out London as ‘The Trailblazer’ in its cabaret special edition. He is also a writer, director, deviser and compere. Tonight he will be performing a selection of classic cabaret songs.

Psych soul Chanteuse Mary Epworth’s music calls to mind the lushness of Holland era Beach Boys, the plugged in folk of Fairport Convention and the heavy fuzz of Flower Travellin’ Band. Mary’s harpsicord, synth and harmony laden debut album is now finished and due for release early 2012.

Tagged as “deliciously deviant”, “refreshingly surreal and slightly unsettling”, “pioneering”, “darkly humorous”, “Daliesque”, “talented and entertaining”,Ernesto Sarezale is a poet and performer, currently promoting ‘Velvet Tongue’ London’s erotic literary soirée. His critically acclaimed one-man show “In the name of the flesh” was presented before thriving audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe 2010. Ernesto has performed at a huge variety of poetry, cabaret, stand up and arts events in London, the UK and beyond (New York, San Francisco, Montreal, Barcelona, Madrid…). Erotic Award Winner for Poet of the Year 2010, Ernesto was also a runner-up at the Final of London’s first Male Tournament of Tease, the Central London Farrago Poetry Slam Champion 2006 and the winner of the Farrago Zoo Award for “Best Performance by a poet working in English and another language” in 2007 – among other. His “spine-tingling poetry recital cum performance” is captivating, sexy and disconcerting… even before he starts taking off his clothes.”

House of O’Dwyer is our resident Ludski artist. He’s based in London making films, paintings and photography.

House of O’Dwyer has set out to self consciously examine the philosophical, psychological and symbolic concepts that underpin ideas around Art. What is Art? Where is Art? Why is Art?

Cátia Sousa is a young Portuguese artist based in London, working with short film and photography. She studied Cinema at Universidade da Beira Interior in Portugal. The main focus of her work is the emotional human being that dwells with ordinary life.

Future Sound of Clapton was born on a foggy dark night in the heavily claustrophobic and chemically-charged mist of Hackney marshes. The bastard child of Disco Not Disco, Balearic Techno and Cosmic House DJs, Fumix and Marco, its birth was an “accident” that sparked a string of underground parties in East-London and many, many Monday morning hangovers. “Comadisco”, their disco party in Hackney, East London, has been steadily gaining popularity amongst spaced out geeks and cosmic goddesses since its quiet inception in 2005.

Hanna Rubin is a swedish artist that has been involved in various creative projects in Stockholm, London, Paris and Tokyo.
She has been working in many different fields from making of circus costumes to art directions for showrooms and designing of props and clothes. She started of as an interior designer in 2006, but is now also working as a stylist and costume designer for photoshoots, music videos and TV commercials.
The inspiration for her work comes form beautiful things, ugly things, future, friends and funny shapes.

Supported by: Rio Cinema; 9th London Short Film Festival; Happy Endings Productions



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